Saturday , August 16 , 2014

Hello, whoever may still be out there! It’s been almost 9 years since the previous update. a lot has changed since then, but I haven’t gotten around ever improving on or even continuing with this drawing hobby of mine. It also took me a while to figure out how to log into my account. I guess Keenspace has become Comic Genesis while I was gone, and has been like that for a few years already =)
I did manage to dig up what remains to be the last surviving storyboard draft panel, but I guess I never actually completed it...nor did I even manage to think of any ideas for the rest of the panels. If anyone wishes to continue this story or whatnot, feel free to do so.

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The new comic's up and in progress, so you can start from July 13th. And please, comment on it in the forum so I can get some feedback.

A note on the forum: Since it is ad-supported (i.e: popups), I would highly recommend getting some sort of popup blocker (Google Toolbar) or use a browser with an integrated blocker (Mozilla Firefox, which is what I use).



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By the way, Llihnrothia was Jason's idea, not mine. I just messed it up.